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We sell, install and service 100% American made solar panels including SolarWorld and Helios Solar Panels and 100% American made Bergey Wind Turbines.
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Maine Guide Wind Power, LLC sells, installs and maintains both grid-tied and off-grid solar & wind energy systems to residential, businesses and municipalities in Maine.
All of our solar and wind systems qualify for the federal 30% tax credit.
We perform a complete site assessment and determine what type of alternative energy would work best for you. We install the finest American made solar panels and wind turbines, bringing you the highest-quality, most dependable products with proven track records, best warranty and best field performance ratings in the industry. Our local and experienced factory trained service technicians will ensure your energy producing products are installed correctly and in a timely manner. We are also here for you after the sale for any maintenance needs or additions you may need in the future. Click Here to Find out if Solar Energy or Wind Energy is right for you!
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Solar Energy Contractor in Maine
We sell and install the highest rated, most dependable solar panels for solar electric. Reduce or eliminate your electric bills!
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Wind Turbine Contractor in Maine
We sell and install the highest rated, most dependable wind turbines in the industry. Reduce or eliminate your electric bills with a Bergey Wind Turbine!
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See how quickly solar or wind can pay for itself in your home with our Solar & Wind Cost Estimator.
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